The Schlage Homekit – Schlage’s New Apple Home Kit

If you own a home or are looking to buy a home, you already know that this is going to be the biggest investment in your life. While protecting it will be a top priority, it can be hard to get excited about installing new door locks. That could be because you have not been introduced into the Schlage’s New Apple Home Kit. This kit is very functional and points you towards a future, where you no longer need traditional keys.

Until recently you have always needed a key to enter a locked door, but that is all about to change. There will be no more locking yourself out of your home, because you forgot your keys.

This Schlage new deadbolt system can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is simply only one wireless product that the Schlage Company will be introducing to the market in the near future.

This deadbolt system can be encrypted and authenticated through iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches. You can even control this lock through an app, when you are away from home, by using the downloaded app on your source device. This technological advanced lock, even features a built-in alarm system and can hold up to 30 different key codes, so you can offer quick access to the plumber, friend, or family member.

This lock is set to go on the market as of November 1st on

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