The Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock Will Soon Be Available To British Consumers

Yale unveiled their new Smart Lock, Yale Conexis™ L1, at the Grand Designs Live in October of this year. If you are familiar with Yale, you are probably familiar with the Yale Real Living product line. The company is taking their Smart Lock to a new level, by introducing new technology and a unique design to their current proven formula.

Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock

Yale Conexis
L1 Smart Lock

The Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock is similar to other Smart Locks, but it also very unique. The lock is integrated with a new function, Twist-and-go, which enables users to activate the lock by twisting their smartphone 90 degrees. Most Smart locks support voice automation, key fobs, electronic key codes, auto lock/unlock, remote access and gesture control, but this new function will take access capabilities to a new level.

Financial analysts have predicted that the Home Automation industry will boom by the 2020, with 20 to 30 billion interconnected devices in residential and commercial settings. People around the world are plugged into their smartphone, PC, tablet and laptop for extended hours every day, utilizing it for business and personal purposes.

Today, Smart devices connected to a single home network can communicate with each other. Thanks to the Smart Home Hub, users can now access these devices from anywhere around the globe. Adjust thermostat temperature settings, unlock/lock doors, switch lights on/off, close/open garage doors and view a live-stream video of home or business premises right from a mobile app.

The Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock offers a variety of access options, plus it allows users to create temporary e-keys for their friends, family members and public service providers. The e-key will expire automatically after 24-hours to prevent reentry. To prevent tampering, the lock is embedded with a 3-minute lockout safety mechanism, activated after the PIN has been entered incorrectly 5 times. When this occurs, the user will also receive a tamper alert.

Four AA batteries power the lock, so you never have to worry about power outages. When the battery power reaches a specified low level, an alert will be transmitted to the user via email or SMS. The emergency battery connection will allow you to recharge the lock, just enough to unlock the door, so you can replace the dead batteries.

The Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock integrates with Samsung SmartThings, O2 Home, Z-Wave enabled Smart devices and the Yale Smart CCTV system.

To learn more about the Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock, just visit the Official Yale website. But, in the meantime, you can check out the Yale Real Living Smart Lock, by clicking on the following Amazon link.

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