Turning A Traditional Deadbolt Into A Smart Lock With The Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock

Many homeowners are concerned about the level of security a Smart Lock can provide. Of course, it is difficult to compare the security provided by a traditional deadbolt to a Smart Lock, but what if someone told you that you could make your lock smarter and still keep the same level of security. Well, you can with the Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock. This is a very affordable solution to achieve the best of both worlds.

Kwikset Kevo Convert

Instead of replacing the existing deadbolt, you will just retrofit the interior half of the lock, with lock-turning mechanism on the inside of the door. Once Convert is installed on the door, the existing deadbolt will be transformed into a Smart Lock, which can be controlled from an Android or iOS device.

This is a Bluetooth lock, with a signal range of 30 meters. As long as the app-enabled device is within the range, users can remotely control the lock. While the lock’s capabilities and functionalities are limited, it still features access sharing and lock/unlock remote access, along with the ability to check the lock’s status. However, this must be done within the Bluetooth range.

Now, to expand the remote access capabilities, the Kevo Plus Wi-Fi Gateway can be added to the mix. This is a plug-in device that is available through the manufacturer’s website. While the gateway will extend the range, it will still not be connected to any third-party interconnected devices, such as lights, plugs, thermostats and doorbells.

Final Word

The Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock is a great option for homeowners and tenants that just want to smarten up their front door. With Convert, you will receive the same level of security as the traditional deadbolt and remote access capabilities, plus the lock is stylish and trendy.

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