Using IFTTT To Control Unsupported, Unofficial Third-Party Devices

As Alexa’s third-party company partnerships and skills are growing, the virtual assistant is having trouble keeping up. Alexa has a history of not playing nicely with specific services and devices.

There is still hope with IFTTT, a popular website that is capable bridging the gap between Smart gadgets that don’t officially work together. IFTTT allows users to break the rules and control innumerable third-party gizmos and online services that aren’t officially supported.

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Locating A Misplaced Phone

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to misplace the most prized possession of all, the smartphone. By combining the Smarts of Alexa and power of IFTTT, users will be able to create an IFTTT applet capable of triggering an alert on the smartphone, when a specific phrase is spoken to Alexa. IFTTT will either transmit a push notification to the IF app or trigger the phone to ring.

For those of you that own an Android phone, two applets can be created and linked to the same command for Alexa. The first applet can begin playing music, while the other sets the ringtone volume.

Locking The Front Door

With the Alexa integration, the August Smart Lock can now be controlled by voice commands. This is actually the only Smart Lock that is supported by Alexa, but with IFTTT, homeowners will be able to utilize Alexa to secure all of their doors. The lock must be compatible with SmartThings or IFTTT to make this possible.

By creating an applet for a specific phrase for Alexa, IFTTT will in turn transmit the command to lock the front door.

Controlling The TV 

Request Alexa to turn on the TV or the home entertainment system, with a Logitech Harmony Remote or SmartThings and IFTTT, by creating a trigger phrase for Alexa.

Syncing The Alarm Clock With Lights 

An IFTTT applet can be utilized to trigger different events with Smart lights. Alexa will act as the alarm clock or timer, so the IFTTT applet will alter the colors of the lights every time the alarm or timer goes off.

Instead, of trigger a lighting event, you can have IFTTT to call your smartphone, when the Alexa alarm goes off.


When creating a phrase for Alexa, it will need to start with “Alexa, trigger…… With IFTTT, users can utilize a single phrase to trigger various applets, with the same action. For anyone looking to soup up their Smart Home network, with third-party unsupported devices, IFTTT is the solution.

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