Why Brinks Array Smart Door Lock Is More Advanced Than The Competitor Brand

Brinks is a security company that offers services to consumers scattered throughout 150 countries. While Brinks specializes in logistics and security, they are now setting their mind to introducing a new, improved Smart Door Lock to the market. The Array will definitely stand out above the competitor brand in more ways than one.

The Smart Locks on the market today have an on-board battery, which must be recharged or replaced after a significant time period. This is where the Array is different, as it sits on top of a solar panel, which will keep the battery fully charged at all times. Now, there may be one downside to this feature and that is if your front entrance does not receive sun exposure, the solar panels will not work efficiently.

As mentioned above, the Brinks Array Smart Lock is different than most competitor brands, in that it does not require a Smart Home Automation Hub to operate. Instead, it connects directly to your existing home Wi-Fi router, this can actually save the consumer quite a bit of money.

Brinks Array Smart Lock

This Smart Lock is expected to hit the market sometime in 2016. It will be available in three finishes including polished brass, nickel, and bronze, so the homeowner will definitely find a finish that matches their existing door hardware. While the lock will be released to the market, without compatibility options, Brinks hopes upgrade the software to make it compatible with the Nest and Apple HomeKit.

The Array Smart Lock is a completely wireless system, which requires no hardwiring. Instead, you just replace your existing deadbolt with the Array, just by making a few turns of a traditional screwdriver.

Once you receive your new Brinks Array, you simply download the associated app to your iOS or Android device. The setup process is very simple and can be completed within a matter of minutes. Just like the August, Schlage Connect, and Kwikset Kevo, the user can create and share temporary/scheduled electronic keys with others.

You can unlock/lock the Array via the touchpad, mechanical key, and remotely using your app enabled device. This lock is also integrated with the BumpGuard Technology to prevent burglars from utilizing the lock picking method to gain entrance into your home.

Brinks has yet to release a market price for the Array, but for those consumers that are excited about having the ability to eliminate the unbearable battery replacement or recharge process, be patient.

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