Yale Assure Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

Yale has a unique sales pitch for the Yale Assure Smart Lock, “A Lock Without A Key”. May not sound like much, but the slogan appears to be effective, because the lock is a competitive force in the Smart Home market. The lock features a Bluetooth radio and companion app, without a mechanical keyhole.

The great thing about the design of this lock is it eliminates the potential break-in, utilizing a bump key or lock pick. However, the keyless lock without a keyhole eliminates an additional emergency access option, in the event that the onboard batteries fail. With the Assure Smart Lock, you will be left with only two access options, the companion app and touchpad.

Yale Real Living Assure Bluetooth Lock

Another downside is Assure doesn’t offer consumers remote control capabilities. Users will need to be within the Bluetooth range to activate the lock directly from the app. However, sharing access with family, friends and public service providers is an option. Create and share 12 electronic codes, without racking up additional fees.

Z-Wave Enabled Yale Assure Smart Lock

Yale also offers consumers the Assure with a ZigBee or Z-Wave radio module. In April 2017, Yale will start selling the Assure with an Apple HomeKit module, which will allow users to access their home utilizing Siri voice commands. All of these radio models will enhance the functionality of the lock, by expanding the lock’s “Smart” features.

These updates will not upgrade the Yale Assure Smart Lock design, but two nodes are added on the base of the lock for an emergency 9-volt charge. For consumers that are looking for something inconspicuous, it will be best to consider another brand. The upcoming Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock has modern, minimalist design, which may peak your interest.

To install the Assure, a screwdriver, measuring tape and 30 minutes of time is the only requirements. If the door does not shut without a forceful push or the doorknob does not turn the existing lock smoothly, then an alignment and adjustment may be in order. If these problems are not fixed in advance, it will be a waste of money to invest in any Smart Lock brand.

The Yale Assure Smart Lock companion app is compatible with Android (4.1 or later) and iOS (iOS 9 or later) devices. After the installation process is complete, users can immediately start creating and sharing e-keys with others. Track access history, by access the app’s history section and set time-specific access schedule, so others cannot access the door during these times.

Users can also share 5 e-keys with others that will offer unique access. This is known as the “Twist N’ Go” rotation mechanism and it works by:

  • Step 1 – Either rotating the authorized smartphone 90 degrees or tapping a button on the app’s homescreen, then;
  • Step 2 – Tap the bottom left corner of the lock’s touchpad

Additional digital keys are available, but at a price of $1.99 each. This is similar to the Kwikset Kevo, which charges for additional scheduled keys. The August Smart Lock and Schlage Sense do not charge owners fees for the convenience of utilizing them as intended.

To learn more about the Assure Smart Lock, please click on the following Amazon link.

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