Yale Company Goes Digital With Smart Locks

The Yale Company has been in business for over one hundred and fifty years. Over the years, they’ve helped to push the home security market forward by leaps and bounds. They’ve gone from simple keyed locks to deadbolts and now, the company is advancing towards smart locks. The company just recently unveiled three new products, which can secure your home in a digitalized manner. They include a keypad smart lock, a view screen and a Bluetooth smart lock.

Linus Lock Yale

Conveniently, the company has named their new products, the Linus Lock, Assure Lock and the Lock Door Viewer. Not very impressive, but the functionality and performance of each definitely are. It is undoubtedly the Linus Lock, which is gaining the majority of the hype. This highly innovative lock was actually developed through the Works with Nest program, which guarantees that it’ll work seamlessly with all Nest home products.

Yale Linus Smart Lock Features

Although smart locks aren’t anything new, Yale is definitely trying to push past the boundaries once more. The lock provides the user with immense freedom, control and convenience. Below, you will discover the features, which will revolutionize your life!

  • Create passcodes at any time
  • Revoke these codes, at your beck and call
  • Lock and unlock the doors from anywhere
  • Grant different access levels to each guest
  • Automatic lock, after a specified period of inactivity
  • Remotely check to see whether or not your door is locked and secured

The features grow even larger, if you have Nest Protect installed in your home. The Linus can work hand in hand with the system’s smoke and carbon monoxide detector, as well as the Nest Learning Thermostat. A power failure or Wi-Fi outage shouldn’t be a concern, since the Linus can still be opened from the touchscreen interface. Plus, the Linus can still interact with your existing Nest products, even if the Internet connection has been lost.

Looking To The Future

Unfortunately, the Yale Linus Smart Lock isn’t available just yet. Consumers will need to wait until 2016 for the product’s official release. If you’re willing to wait, the Linus could be well worth it! To learn more, be sure to click here.

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