Yale Releases A New Addition To The Yale Real Living Assure Series Lock

Yale is one of the most popular lock manufacturers in the United States. The company continues to expand their product line, with intuitive technology and design. Yale Real Living Locks have done really well on the market, so a new version has been released to complement the series. This version is integrated with a Bluetooth chip and compatible with Android 4.3 or later and iOS 7 or later, giving users the option of accessing their home utilizing their mobile device or keypad.

Yale Real Living Assure Bluetooth Lock

You will have the option of upgrading the lock, by investing in the Yale network module, which is sold separately. This upgrade will allow the lock to connect to your Smart Home network. The functionality of this lock, with the Digital Keys app is very unique. The “Twist and Go” feature within the app’s interface offers a distinctive access action. This feature works by activating the “key” symbol within the app and holding the app-enabled smartphone in proximity of the lock, while twisting the knob 90 degrees.

The Yale Digital Keys app supports an unlimited number of locks. You will also have an unlimited amount of key codes to share with relatives, friends, and public service providers. The lock will only store 12 digital key codes, so keep this in mind, when sharing them with others. The ANSI/BHMA standards certification will ensure homeowners that the lock will offer excellent security.

The Assure Bluetooth Lock is battery powered, requiring 4 AA batteries. The contacts located near the bottom of the lock offers an emergency backup charging option. Just touch the battery prongs with the contacts to quick-charge the lock, when the batteries are completely dead. If you do not have your phone on your persons, when you arrive home do not fret, because you can simply input the digital key code into the keypad to open the door.

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